Changing Direction

1st Chapter

The Scuro comic is being transitioned to an illustrated novel format. Each chapter begins with a picture that I create for the story. As of today I have planned out over 16 chapters and have written the first three chapters already. At my present rate of progress it is taking me about a month to write each chapter and draw the picture for it, so the estimated release date is anticipated to be Summer 2018. I have started releasing some of the images on swag you can buy on Zazzle that relates to the Scuro world. I have been posting the early chapters on Deviantart, so look me up over there to see what I’m working on!

Scuro Lore


Some lore for Scuro, so no one gets too confused about stuff. :meow:
(Though, someone’ll probably get confused about something anyway, ’cause that’s always how my luck seems to turn out.. :XD: )

One thing I didn’t mention since I wasn’t sure how to put it in without sounding weird is that… Scuro is a lot smaller than Earth, like, it’s about the size of one and a half continents… total. But even with that, it still has about the same ratio of water-to-land-mass, about, since there’s a bit more land than water… And now I’m going on about something that probably doesn’t even matter that much. ^^;

Also, two pages in one day! Because.. I don’t think anyone wants to just have the title to look at for a week… :D

Scuro Cover


Here’s the first “page” of the comic! :dummy:  Who’s that in the middle you ask? :-? Someone I really like. XD

Color-coding them with stuff that isn’t exactly their scale/skin color! Yee! XD

Why are they silhouettes? Because I decided that’ll be the style for out-of-story stuff, like this title page, and other thingies, like chapter page thingehs.

P.S; I put in some foreshadowing somewhere… =3