Scuro – Story Time



Okay so, sadly, due to drawings always seeming to take longer than I think they should, and continued work from the recent move, I will only be able to post 1-2 panels every week instead of 1-2 pages…

But hey, at least we get to meet our first four characters!

Dialog, in case anyone has trouble reading the text or just doesn’t want to look at the comic:

(Panel One)
Glistara: …That’s why Arcane Dragons are iridescent.
Lustura: Woah! That’s really cool!
Skyfall: Yeah!
Lustura: DADDY!

(Panel Two)
Lustura: Show me how you do it, daddy!
Skyfall: Yeah! Show us how you do it!
Radian: Uh..
Lustura: Please, daddy? Please, please please?
Glistara: *Giggle*

Tools used:

Please don’t steal this, or any of my characters! (You can draw them if you want, just give me credit, please! )

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